Service with a Smile



          It becomes the duty of each member upon entrance into

          the club:

  • To make an effort to know and to put into practice the objectives of Altrusa.
  • To acquaint herself with the provisions of the Bylaws and to acquire a knowledge of Altrusa’s program by becoming familiar with the information in the Member’s Manual and regularly reading the International ALTRUSAN.
  • To attend meetings regularly and take part in all activities of the club.
  • To pay dues promptly.
  • To recognize every sincere effort to carry out the aims of the organization.
  • To encourage members to develop and reveal their abilities fully.
  • To hold the desire to see clearly, to deal fairly, and to recognize merit and accomplishment wholeheartedly.
  • To extend your interest beyond your own club by attending district conferences and international conventions as often    as possible.