Service with a Smile



        01. To send birthday cards to members.

    02. Memorial of $25.00 to be contributed to favorite charity

       upon the death of a member of Altrusa Intl. Of Caldwell

       County, or her spouse, parent or child.

    03. A member cannot be elected as Altrusan of the Year

       while they hold the office of President.

    04. Altrusa Club of Raleigh, NC is our sister club.

    05. In the event of the marriage, pregnancy or adoption of a child by an Altrusan, the hat is to be passed for a gift.

    06. PAPER CLIP will be mailed to members who are not present at time of distribution.

    07. The current president and first vice-president have first option to represent our club as delegates to the District Spring Conference and to the International Convention.

    08. The treasurer shall present a separate report at the monthly board meeting and quarterly business meeting that reflects the income and expenditures for the operating and project budget.

    09. Any delegate or alternate to District Conference or International Convention must advance registration fees and related expenses from their own funds and then submit a statement of advanced expenses to the local club treasurer for reimbursement after attendance at said conference or convention.

    10. Reimbursement for expenses for members attendance at District Conference shall be paid in following manner:

    Registration for delegates & alternates based on membership

    Lodging divided equally between attendees

    Individual travel reimbursement will cap at or equal to maximum amount paid to driver’s actual gas expense

    11. The Finance Committee determines the final level of funding (other than scholarships) AFTER the last fundraiser of the year.